We have a proprietary approach to identifying effectiveness and efficiency opportunities throughout your organization's people processes. This is a key relationship-building service that we offer at a substantial discount to new clients.

Our principle areas of focus include talent acquisition, performance management, workforce planning, benefits, learning, employee engagement, HR transactions, and people analytics as well as the supporting technology, workflow, and communications. We're confident that we can uncover several opportunities to help your organization accelerate the maturity of its people processes. 


We use extensive primary and secondary research methods to identify opportunities to improve your people processes. Depending upon the size and complexity of your organization, we will typically conduct focus groups, interview individual stakeholders, administer surveys, review existing program & process documents, assess your career and employment-related social media sites, review your employee handbook, read new hire paperwork and onboarding materials, evaluate your benefits plans & providers, review training & learning programs, calculate the cost of your talent acquisition efforts by source, evaluate your performance management processes, assess your base pay and incentive plans, evaluate your internal communications approach, and evaluate the skills and the division of labor within the supporting teams. Much of this work can take place remotely, but we prefer to conduct most of the interviews and focus groups in person. Our findings and recommendations are usually available within 6-8 weeks, based upon the availability of stakeholders and our access to data.


Our initial evaluation is available for a flat fee of $10,000. Given the scores of hours that we dedicate to each diagnostic assessment, this is a substantial reduction to our standard hourly rates. After we identify opportunities to improve your people processes and present our recommendations, we will prepare a scope of work (SOW) proposal with straightforward pricing. There is no commitment to work with us to implement suggested improvements, and we won't hesitate to recommend other providers if we know that someone else can meet your needs better. If you choose to engage our firm to conduct follow-on work resulting from the diagnostic analysis, we will credit the full cost of the analysis against future fees.

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