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Best Practices Aren't Always What is Best

Best practices aren't always what is best.

As companies grow, their company culture also grows and evolves.

When that happens there are two common reactions:

1. Slap on some shiny new process or HR tactic that they heard some high profile company was using.

2. Try desperately to hold on to their existing culture and stop it from evolving.

Both of these reactions often make things worse.

So what do you do if you’re leading a high-growth company and want to make sure you have a vibrant culture and the right mix of processes and freedom? That’s the exact question I discussed with Dustin Tysick on the People at Work Podcast.

What it boils down to is awareness, critical thinking, and intentionality.

You need an awareness that the changes you’re experiencing are a natural evolution for a high-growth company. Then think critically about what might work for your specific company. Don’t just blindly copy an approach from a company you admire. Finally, be intentional with your changes. Don’t make them for the sake of making them. Really think through what your intended outcome is.

Simple, right? But definitely not easy.


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