HR Leader Mentoring

Scale up as a leader by working with an experienced Human Resources (HR) executive as a mentor / coach. Partner closely with a mentor that has deep experience in recruitment strategy, goal-setting, communications, organizational structure, communications, and building scalable infrastructure.

This type of advice and executive coaching can be particularly valuable for a first-time top HR / People Leader, a CEO without a senior HR Leader in place, or for a senior executive who is responsible for multiple functional areas but doesn't have deep experience leading the HR function at a high growth organization.  

How It Works

Mentoring Overview

  • In-person kickoff discussion of ~2 hours to establish goals and get to know each other
  • Meetings are typically 60-90 minutes, biweekly, conducted via video and in-person
  • Unlimited access via text and email
  • Potential application of 360 reviews or psychometric assessments
  • Regular meetings typically have an agenda driven by the client, based upon their goals and current / upcoming needs such as:
    • how to influence a key stakeholder (i.e. founder/CEO)
    • how to position yourself for maximum credibility and impact
    • how to select or onboard a new executive
    • how to navigate internal politics
    • how to deal with a complex employee challenge
    • how to enhance the effectiveness of the executive team
    • how to prioritize major functional initiatives
    • how to set up a performance management program
    • what to cover during an upcoming offsite planning session
    • how to design your HR / Talent team and infrastructure
    • how to leverage other vendors and functional advisors
  • This is purely a coaching / mentoring relationship, rather than creation of direct work product
  • $3,000 ongoing monthly retainer - can be cancelled at any time
*Pricing is subject to change and excludes customary expense reimbursement such as travel and materials.


Most people will benefit from a coach - particularly the person who is responsible for coaching everyone else. Rising People Leaders, CEOs without a People Leader, and executives responsible for managing the people function that don't have deep HR experience can benefit greatly from an experienced mentor. That mentor is an invaluable sounding board, a connector to other resources, and an unbiased coach in a chaotic and confusing world. Series B can help you build clarity and confidence as you scale up as a leader.