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Performance Management

Businesses of all sizes across industries and geographies are shifting away from traditional annual reviews and moving to modern performance management processes. Deloitte reports that a full 70% of organizations are in the midst of changing their approach to performance management.

Most organizations are moving to varying versions of Continuous Performance Management, which includes dynamic goals, ongoing check-in conversations, periodic performance / development snapshots, crowd-sourced feedback, crowd-sourced recognition, more frequent data collection, self-reflection, and a focus on coaching and development.

We help you separate the hype from the hard science to ensure that your organization has a process that works for you. 

  • Approach
    We get to know your team and your key players deeply. Our process consists of: 1. Custom 360 survey based upon the Lominger (Korn Ferry) competency framework 2. Discussions (1:1 via video) with each of your key stakeholders (CEO, senior leadership team , selected 2-downs, Board members) 3. Leadership Team Effectiveness survey based upon the Table Group methodology (5 Dysfunctions of a Team) 4. Private debrief and action planning session with CEO 5. Facilitated debrief and working session with all process participants At the conclusion of an organizational assessment, there will usually be a list of potential follow-up actions. We can support most follow-up actions, but will refer clients to experienced providers whenever we encounter a need that is not our expertise. Generally, an organizational assessment can be completed 4-6 weeks from project kickoff to CEO debrief.
  • Pricing
    We will typically be able to conduct a full Organizational Assessment, depending on the size and complexity of an organization for $30,000, plus any expenses.
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