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Performance Management

Businesses of all sizes across industries and geographies are shifting away from traditional annual reviews and moving to modern performance management processes. Deloitte reports that a full 70% of organizations are in the midst of changing their approach to performance management.

Most organizations are moving to varying versions of Continuous Performance Management, which includes dynamic goals, ongoing check-in conversations, periodic performance / development snapshots, crowd-sourced feedback, crowd-sourced recognition, more frequent data collection, self-reflection, and a focus on coaching and development.

We help you separate the hype from the hard science to ensure that your organization has a process that works for you. 

  • Approach
    We start with the critical questions and concerns of our client - such as: "Do we have the appropriate talent in place to support our projected growth?" "What can we do to support our current leaders as we grow?" "What should our organizational structure look like at our next stage of growth?" "What is the optimal timing and sequencing of leadership additions and changes as we grow?" We apply survey instruments within the executive team and combine with individual 1on1 stakeholder interviews. All of this work takes place remotely. We understand both the sensitivity and urgency surrounding this type of work. Our findings and recommendations are usually available in less than 4 weeks, based upon the availability of participants. The output comes in the form of a detailed PowerPoint report, which we use to guide an in-depth client debrief.
  • Pricing
    These projects are typically about $25,000, depending upon the depth of the evaluation process.
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