Performance Management

Businesses of all sizes across industries and geographies are shifting away from traditional annual reviews and moving to modern performance management processes. Deloitte reports that a full 70% of organizations are in the midst of changing their approach to performance management.

Most organizations are moving to varying versions of Continuous Performance Management, which includes dynamic goals, ongoing check-in conversations, periodic performance / development snapshots, crowd-sourced feedback, crowd-sourced recognition, more frequent data collection, self-reflection, and a focus on coaching and development.

We help you separate the hype from the hard science to ensure that your organization has a process that works for you. 


We have deep experience in performance management process design and implementation at organizations of all shapes and sizes. With that experience, comes understanding that there is no single right answer or "one-size-fits-all" approach to performance management. Each organization operates within a different context that your leaders, culture, and performance management approach will reflect. That said, any successful performance management process will possess several hallmarks, including thoughtful goal setting & alignment, a regular feedback cadence, effective education, key stakeholder sponsorship, and strong communications. Above all, the process needs to balance value with complexity, ensuring it can be effectively executed.


We work with you to design a performance management (PM) approach that works within your unique culture, environment, and stage of organizational maturity. We have 3 basic offerings that can each stand alone or be bundled as a package: 1 - Stakeholder Education Accelerate your understanding of performance management. We conduct speaking engagements live or via webinar in the format of a one-hour overview or a four-hour workshop. This is a particularly good way to bring your Executive or HR team up to speed before embarking on a PM redesign effort. 2 - Program Design We work collaboratively with you to define your goals for a performance management (PM) program, to align PM with your culture and existing adjacent programs, and ultimatley to construct a process that works for your company's unique context. Depending upon the complexity of your organization, this process will generally take 2-4 months. 3 - Program Implementation We help you document, execute, and communicate your performance management program. This may include leading a technology and content vendor RFP process, creating educational materials & quick reference guides, preparing company-wide communications, and/or working with department heads & functional leaders to ensure their goals are clearly articulated and effective aligned across the organization. Depending upon the complexity of your organization, this process will generally take 3-6 months.


Modern Performance Management overview Contact us to discuss a complimentary session Performance Management workshop (in-person, typically about 4 hours) $3,000 Performance Management program design and/or implementation $400/hour or contact us to scope out a flat fee proposal For large projects, we are often willing to accept a portion of fees delivered in the form of equity. *Quoted pricing is subject to change and does not include reimbursement for customary expenses such as travel and materials.