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The Year of Productivity


Andrew Bartlow, Co-Founder of the People Leader Accelerator, joined The Modern People Leader.

We talked about why this is the year of productivity, the data you should be looking at when making decisions on remote vs. in-office, and getting brilliant at the basics of HR.


(1:56) Good news stories

(6:15) Andrew went to school for HR

(13:02) Being a Head of HR at age 23

(14:30) People Leader Accelerator

(21:38) How challenging the work of the people leader is

(25:30) Layoffs and RIFs

(29:09) This is the year of productivity

(32:00) Data points you should be looking at when thinking about hybrid, in office, or remote

(37:10) Remote productivity

(43:56) What’s expected of a people leader today that wasn’t a few years ago

(46:00) There's a risk of chasing the shiny new things and not being brilliant at the basics in HR first

(49:06) Getting brilliant at the basics

(51:12) Getting clarity on what’s important

(53:46) Most CEOs don’t know what a good CPO looks like

(57:35) Rapid fire questions


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