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Thinking Inside the Box

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Thank you to Matt Burns for hosting Andrew Bartlow on the “Thinking Inside the Box” podcast. An important discussion on how to support Tech Founders in creating culture. Perhaps surprisingly, the solutions may be more straightforward than you think!

Listen here to our conversation & gain actionable items on how to shift your next generation of HR leaders from functional experts to organizational executives! Below are a few helpful takeaways from the episode:

  • Explore the core aspects of the “People Leader Accelerator Program” - The PLPA is a dedicated community that aims to assist HR leaders in venture-backed tech companies, a very vulnerable group of HR professionals who face many challenges of young founder-led companies.

  • BONUS - podcast listeners gain the exclusive opportunity to any of our People Leader Accelerator guides, normally a $500 cost is now free if you use the code “podcast” here.

  • Learn about the new tech product “On Track Performance” that I am developing & how it plans to help resolve the challenges everyone faces and dreads with a performance management program.

  • Understand the importance of developing & outlining your organization's UNIQUE business goals, rather than imitating the strategies employed by other companies.

  • Recognize the crucial role of a curator and pinpoint your reliable thought leaders so you receive the relevant content necessary to achieve your goals.

For anyone who is interested in diving deeper, click here to learn more on how to apply to the Fall 2023 cohort for the People Leader Accelerator Program.


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