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HR Leaders - Don't Let Critical Priorities Get Derailed

Many organizations struggle to focus on their most important business priorities. It's easy to get overwhelmed by keeping all the trains running on time. 

Think of your company like a railway system. You have critical "express trains" that need to move fast without unnecessary stops. These trains carry your top priorities - the initiatives most tied to business success.

Then, you have the daily "commuter trains" that make frequent stops. These keep critical functions running smoothly - payroll, benefits, customer service. Reliability and dependability is key but these commuter trains should run in the background, happening without needing to be your top priority.

Too often, express trains get stuck behind commuter trains on the same track. Top priorities lose momentum because resources get spread too thin across too many competing demands.

As a leader, it's your job to keep the tracks clear for your express trains. Make the tough calls to shelve less critical initiatives. Say no (or "not yet") to competing priorities. Align budgets, hiring, executive attention to what matters most right now. 

Get your express trains to their destinations quickly. Keep momentum behind your most important priorities without getting slowed down by the hustle of daily operations.

What top "express train" priorities are your organization focused on this year? What gets in their way?

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