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Building an HR Team in a High Growth Startup

I was very pleased to be interviewed by Allison Dunn on the Deliberate Directions Podcast. Listen to the interview or read the transcript here.

Following are the episode notes from Deliberate Directions:

Andrew Bartlow is a growth company advisor with over 25 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Management. Over his career, Andrew Bartlow has seen companies struggle or fail because of their HR challenges.

Andrew shares a step-by-step, scalable strategy of building an HR team from the ground up. His unconventional approach of hiring a recruiter first and Chief People Officer last has proven successful in more than 50 high-growth startups around the world.

Andrew is the co-author of “Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations” and the founder of Series B Consulting, which helps businesses articulate their people strategy, accelerate their growth, and navigate rapid change.

During the interview, we discuss…

  • why startup founders don’t emphasize HR enough

  • how startup founders can build their HR team

  • what qualities make a strong startup HR team

  • common mistakes in startup HR teams

After the interview…

  • Read the article Andrew mentions, “When will business return to normal — and what will ‘normal’ look like?”

  • Read the Startup Pulse Survey results on Workplace Re-Entry

  • Read Andrew’s book, Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High-Growth Organizations

  • Connect with Andrew Bartlow on LinkedIn

  • Visit the Series B Consulting website

  • Contact Series B Consulting

  • Schedule a meeting with Andrew


Allison Dunn

Executive Business Coach

Deliberate Directions + Executive Business Coaching + Training Center

3003 W Main Street, Suite 110, Boise ID 83702

(208) 350-6551





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