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How to Overcome Ego and Win!

I was pleased to appear on The Culture of Things podcast, hosted by Brendan Rogers - Improving Leaders and Teams. We go into a lot detail around 2 founder/leader archetypes: Mule-drivers and Prophets – both coming with their specific strengths and weaknesses.

If you are a founder and not sure why there may be frustrations in your organization, you may come away with useful insights from this episode.

Key Discussion Points (as captured by Brendan's team):

- All about ego

- Ego traps

- The Mule-driver vs Prophet archetype founders

- Impact of people in a “Prophet-founded” organization

- How Andrew approaches these founders

- RACI tool

- HR in a Mule-driver organization

- Tools for founders (spoiler – the tool doesn’t matter)

- Making decisions using tools are dangerous

- Developing trust in teams

- Advice for prophet founders

- Advice to mule-driver founders

- The greatest impact in Andrew’s leadership journey

Here are the links for the episode on the various platforms:

Apple Podcasts:


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