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HR Like a Boss

Thanks so much to John Bernatovicz and Willory for hosting Andrew Bartlow on your podcast!

Following is a quick summary of the discussion:

What is the purpose of the HR function?

To help an organization meet its goals. To do that you need to understand what the goals are and understand your stakeholders.

How can you help an organization find clarity?

Start by making some decisions. Ruthlessly prioritize. HR is well-positioned to guide organizations through this. The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni Company has a great model involving the Six Questions for Clarity that is worth referring to.

How did HR get to the point where people "hate" HR? And, how do you help the profession move past that?

HR professionals can often overly focus on doing the work or satisfying one particular stakeholder, without fully understanding the purpose or context of the work. If we lose the context and don't balance / position the work properly, it can lead to that resentment.

How do you do "HR like a boss"?

Don't just execute the work that someone else puts in front of you. Take ownership in designing the work and deciding what the work should be to best support your organization and its stakeholders.


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