People Management to Drive Sustainable Scale and Hypergrowth

Thank you to Marcus Cauchi for hosting me on his ScaleUps and Hypergrowth Podcast!

We explore some common questions founders have:

- How do I hire? How do I hire faster?

- How do I maintain my culture?

- When do I bring in department heads from the outside?

- What is most important right now?

- How do I organize my team to get more done?

Following are a few of the key tips:

- Plan in a simple way. A rapidly changing environment intensifies the need for a plan - but keep it light so it can easily evolve.

- Be brilliant at the basics. Resist the temptation to complicate!

- Ask "What's next", "What is needed to support that?", and "What is realistic?".

- Prioritize and communicate better to deliver everything.

- Clarity is the magic wand in high growth organizations.

- Get acquainted with the Know / Willing / Able framework.

- Don't let perfect become the enemy of better.

- Try to understand the motivations of your major stakeholders (investors, candidates, etc.).

- Be aware of the unspoken influence of fear.

- Company values can be powerful in aligning your team and getting more done, more effectively - but only if they are authentic, differentiating, and often a little risky. Pablum intended to appeal to everyone is just noise.

- Be cautious of lifting and shifting another organization's "best practices". Context is often more important than content. Does their context match yours?

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