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Scaling for Success with Marco Experiences

In Episode 4 of Marco Labs, we decided to switch gears a bit. While Suman Siva will continue to interview our incredible hosts, we are excited to start interviewing the people leaders in our community. It's no secret that the way we work is changing. As these changes continue to unfold into the new way of work, chatting with people leaders at companies across industries and sizes has helped us understand some of the key opportunities and challenges.

Here is the link to the full podcast on Spotify:

And the link to the video interview on YouTube:

Andrew Bartlow, a human resources professional with over 25 years of experience, and recent author of Scaling for Success, was our first people leader guest. Founder and managing partner of People Leader Accelerator, Andrew works to support people and human resources leaders from high-growth companies to move their organizations forward.

As an established thought leader, Andrew has shared a few key takeaways for organizations to keep in mind during a work era that’s moving towards hybrid and distributed work. Give it a listen!

And stay tuned — Marco is launching it's first State of Workplace Culture Report later this month. Within, you'll find a number of case studies (like this one!) where we dive deep into what the "new way of work" means for a variety of organizations.


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