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Strategies for Dealing with Uncertainty

In episode 55 of Good Morning HR, host Mike Coffey speaks with Andrew Bartlow about "the perfect storm" hitting HR and how to navigate it.

They discuss:

  • the importance of creating a simple but efficient HR plan that aligns with the company

  • essential considerations for developing goals

  • how to deal with uncertainty and stay focused

  • what HR in traditional companies can learn from startups

  • the future of remote and hybrid work

  • the correlation between compensation and inflation

  • how to prepare in case of recession

If you are a SHRM-certified professional, this episode of Good Morning, HR has been pre-approved for half a professional development credit and if you’re an HRCI-certified professional, this episode is good for half an hour of Business and Ethics recertification credit. To obtain the recertification information for this episode, visit

Watch / listen to the entire episode here:


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