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What does it take to have a successful HR career?

Martin Drake is the host of the Is This Room Free podcast. From Martin:

I'm thrilled to be joined on this episode by Andrew Bartlow who has an outstanding pedigree in HR, spanning 25 years.

During his career, Andrew worked for some of the largest organisations in the US and globally, such as PepsiCo, Wells Fargo, and General Electric. However, as well as crafting his trade in Fortune 50 organisations he also has experience at the opposite end of the spectrum with much smaller start-ups.

In 2018, Andrew was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to exit his last permanent employed role with a golden handshake. However, retirement at such a young age left him without a sense of purpose. So, he found new purpose....... in the last few years Andrew wrote a book (Scaling For Success), became a consultant and advisor for PE platforms and tech businesses looking to scale quickly, mentors other HR Leaders, as well as creating the world's best development programme for HR leaders at high-growth tech companies.

Andrew is one of the most impressive guests that I've had the pleasure of speaking to on Is This Room Free? Some of the advice that he shares during our conversation is invaluable for anyone who wants to forge a successful career in HR, and is both pragmatic and insightful. Andrew has been fortunate to learn from some amazing individuals throughout his own career and he is now able to pass on that knowledge and learned experiences to others.

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST LISTEN TO episode and I am confident that you'll finish having taken something that will help you with your own career.

For more information, here are some useful links:

Andrew Bartlow -

People Leader Accelerator website -

Link for his book -


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