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What Really Works - BragWorthy Culture Podcast

On this episode of the BragWorthy Culture podcast, Jordan talks with Andrew Bartlow, founder and managing partner of Series B Consulting. He helps businesses articulate their people strategy and accelerate their growth while navigating rapid change.

  • Andrew starts by talking about his experience of writing a book and how he narrowed down the information despite having so much to share.

  • He discusses companies that succeed in spite of themselves and what it’s like working with hyper scaling organizations, like MasterClass.

  • He mentions details on developmental programs and Scaling for Success.

  • He shares insights on HR development, the importance of people leaders, how to implement them in the space and what to look for when hiring a people leader.

  • He touches on what the 2021 strategy for HR looks like, and what is the biggest factor people leaders are facing in 2021.

  • He discusses how people leaders need to address the performance management side while balancing the wellness side as well, and what the core needs are for employees.



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