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How to Attract Talent to Lesser-Known Organizations

Thank you to Christian Bartsch for hosting me on The Growth Zone Show! We talked about how lesser-known high-growth companies can attract great people in today's competitive environment.

Following are a few of the key tips: - Be clear about what you're looking for.

- Tell a compelling story to candidates (WIIFM - what's in it for me?!).

- Hire leaders who are talent magnets.

- Don't get in your own way (i.e. awkward selection processes).

- Make the most out of employment branding platforms (Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.).

- Bring in an internal recruiter early (~20 hires/year).

- Wear a Product Manager hat (thinking about candidates as your customers) when designing talent acquisition processes.

Other takeaways:

- Key training investments for high growth organizations include manager skills, onboarding, interview skills, and sales training.

- A good training vendor can often help you move faster, cheaper, at higher quality. Don't default to building it all yourself from scratch.

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